SIWA Coin Case Wide

SIWA Coin Case Wide


Dimensions: H8.3 x W10,1 (cm)

  • Weight: 8 g

  • Material: RPF Naoron

  • Place of origin: Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi

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RPF Naoron (Recycled PET Fiber Naoron) is a paper created using the washi-suki paper manufacturing method from recycled polyester fibers from used plastic bottles and textile products. While having the distinctive texture of paper, it does not tear easily and is highly water-resistant. RPF Naoron does not emit noxious fumes when burned.
Comes in ten different colours: brown, black, gray, dark brown, dark green, dark blue, orange, red, yellow, dark gray

Care Instructions:

Pull into shape before use. Please note that dark colors may fade or run. Do not wash. Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth. Please do not iron. Please ensure that the item does not come into contact with hot items. Colors may change in the event that the product comes into contact with wet items.