TIME & STYLE Kaoru Tea Pot

TIME & STYLE Kaoru Tea Pot


Kaoru range combines the soft lines from traditional Western porcelain with the sharp lines favoured by the Japanese into a tea set inspired by Chinese teaware. Although the culture of drinking tea and the tea ceremony originated from China, over the course of history it has become a quintessential part of the Japanese life style The fusion between classic and modern, West and East, creates a tea set that fits our modern day lifestyle. Because the strainer inside the pot is made from the same material, the original taste of the tea does not get affected, as it would have with a metal strainer. The perfectly shaped pouring spout, togeher with its light weight, make the Kaoru pot a joy to use and shows the honed precision of Japanese craftmanship.

The handle is specially designed with a small tip coming out to rest your finger on for steadiness when pouring tea.

Hasami Porcelain
Hasami City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Hasami porcelain has been part of the history of Japanese pottery for roughly 400 years. 
In the beginning, ceramics were at the heart of the production, but with the discovery of the clay used to make porcelain in the 19th century, porcelain gradually became the main type of ware to be produced. White, celadon and underglaze cobalt blue porcelains are the staple of Hasami porcelain. 
Hasami boasts the largest porcelain production in Japan, using the elegant, white Amakusa clay to create sophisticated dishes.
Surrounded by other leading names in Japanese pottery production, such as Arida, Imari and Mikawachi, Hasami continues to make dishes for everyday use. 
It is no exaggeration to say that the Japanese dinner table, with its assortment of different ceramics, porcelain, lacquerware and glassware, has been influenced by the evolution of Hasami porcelain dishes.

  • Size: Ø120xW177xH70

  • Ref : TSKS91504

Place of Origin: Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan

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Time and Style started out in 1990 as a merchant of furniture in Tokyo. The company continues to challenge the development of creating a living environment with a commitment to handmade, supporting craftsmen, while remaining contemporary. They produce “tools for life” that have been individually created by craftsmen using high quality materials, while fusing modern lifestyle with culture and tradition, as well as finding a sense of harmony and silence that are an essential part of Japanese culture. This can be felt in the delicate forms and materials that we find in their products.

It’s the union of Time and Style’s expertize in design, and knowing the right craftsmen who can bring everything together and produce a beautiful product. The main materials that are used are Porcelain, Ceramic, Stoneware, Wood, Lacquer ware, Glassware, and Cotton.