TIME & STYLE Kaoru Stone Tea Pot

TIME & STYLE Kaoru Stone Tea Pot


Kaoru teapot is made with a particular type of soil rich with iron particles. The pot is fired in the kiln without a glaze. This way the iron particles in the clay react with the tannin of the tea to create a lovely mellow taste. Because the strainer inside the pot is made from the same material, the original taste of the tea does not get affected, as it would have with a metal strainer. With its sharp edges and matte black surface, our ceramic Kaoru teapot offers a different aestethic from our porcelain range.

The handle is specially designed with a small tip coming out to rest your finger on for steadiness when pouring tea.

Designer: Osamu Sugayama

  • Material: Porcelain

  • Size : φ120×177×H70

Place of Origin: Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture, Japan

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It’s the union of Time and Style’s expertize in design, and knowing the right craftsmen who can bring everything together and produce a beautiful product. The main materials that are used are Porcelain, Ceramic, Stoneware, Wood, Lacquer ware, Glassware, and Cotton.