AZMAYA Iga Bowl Six Base

AZMAYA Iga Bowl Six Base


Iga clay bowls in six bases. It is a perfect size for side dishes, soup & also tea.

Existing in 5 styles in Japan: Shino White, Black Candy, Lime, Matsuhai Green & Blue Stripe.

  • Ref: AZKB31702, color: Shino White

  • Ref: AZKB31703, color: Black Candy

  • Dimension: φ99 x H70mm

  • Material: Clay

  • Place of Origin: Nigata, Japan

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Azmaya is a Nigata based collective of Japanese designers who collaborate with Japanese artisans to create contemporary products for daily life using traditional techniques and materials. All of the objects are made in Japan. Items vary from glassware, ceramics, porcelain, ironware, copperware, brassware, wooden trays, and lacquer ware.

Azmaya uses a contemporary international sense of design for tableware, whilst still being relevant for Japanese dishes. It is this juxtaposition that caught our attention. A well thought out design to create the most beautiful meal placement for any occasion. 

Attention to detail and high quality materials are hallmarks of the brand and the resulting products reflect the high level of skill and superior techniques of the artisans producing craft in Japan today.