MarcoMonde Short Tabi Socks (Navy)

MarcoMonde Short Tabi Socks (Navy)


Size: Ladies'(22.5-24.5cm)
Length / 15cm


Made in Japan

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In the 13th century, Marco Polo, merchant in Venezia, made a voyage aboard a big boat, searching for the spice that had a value equivalent to gold.
And he provided people in the world with the foreign culture that no one on those days had ever seen.
A travel would build up the spiritual richness in a person. Since those days when Marco Polo lived, it has still remained unchanged even today that a person starts traveling, longing for the culture and history in a foreign country.

MARCOMONDE is a coined word consisting of [MARCO=MARCO POLO] and [MONDE=WORLD]. It is a Japanese brand which offers products, mainly legwear. For each season, a country or a city is chosen as a theme, and products are designed and made after the designer actually visits the place and experiences culture, seeing their folk crafts, climate and inhabitants. 

The brand was launched in 2007, with its unique approach to design, by visiting the theme country and being inspired by their ethnic culture, architecture, art and history. MARCOMONDE is proposing on a collection by collection basis those items which would permit you to feel as if you were traveling in a country, with one of her eras taken for the collection`s theme, just like a pleasant happening you may encounter there during your travel.

Products of MARCOMONDE are all made in Japan. In collaboration with several factories, they are tackling with improvement of materials and technique. Expressions of thin thread that are one of characteristics of MARCOMONDE can be achieved only by limited machines and finest artisans in the world.