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YUZUYA 100% Squeezed Yuzu Juice

€18,00 EUR

Aroma Gorgeous, freshly squeezed taste and aroma that spreads.
Yuzu juice with no preservatives, excellent fragrance, slight miscellaneous taste, no residual pesticides, and freshly squeezed taste and fragrance.

Yuzuya's "squeezed yuzu" does not have an acetic acid odor that comes to your nose.

Raw materials are procured from Yuzu harvested from Yuzuya's own farm, Yuzu received from local farmers, and from reliable affiliated farms.

You can use it in the same way as vinegar or lemon juice, such as fried food, meat, fish, or dressing.
Not only Japanese but also Western food ... Recommended for drinks by dividing with shochu or soda. If you use it for hot drinks, you will be surrounded by soothing taste and aroma.

Ingredient: Yuzu