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A delicious high quality udon from Japan !

"Yuzu udon" made by kneading Kawane Yuzu from Hiroshima prefecture into noodles.

How to cook:

Easy to cook in one pan in 5 minutes !

Put the noodles in boiling 550cc hot water and boil for about 5 minutes, and then add the soup directly into the pan. This udon is mixed with Yuzu grown in "The Seto Iland Sea" region, and we can well smell the unique flavor of this Yuzu !


Noodles: Flour, yuzu oaste, powdered wheat protein, salt, vegetable oil, alcohol (contains wheat as part of the ingredients).

Soup: Soy sauce, salt, sugar, seafood extract, fermented seasoning, kelp extract, dried sardines, bonito powder, grilled flying fish powder, kelp powder, dried mackerel powder, seasoning (amino acid, etc.) alcohol, caramel color, acidic seasoning, (contains wheat, soy beans as part of the ingredients)

Volume: 256g / for 2 persons
Content: Udon 100g x 2 / Soup 28g x 2