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YOU YOU ANG Herbal Incense for Insomnia Treatment

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This is an incense series made with prescriptions of Chinese herbs, tailoring to treat various symptoms.

The Chinese herbal medicine is traditionally used in making incenses in Japan, but this "Kampo incense" contains 10 times more Chinese herbal medicine components than the regular incenses in the market.

The natural relaxing floral scent is given by the natural oil, used in the ingredients, and in addition to the deep scent of the traditional Chinese medicine, you can expect also an aromatherapy effect !

An incense designed to treat insomnia:
This incense contains lavender oil, which is known for relieving body tension, licorice, and also soybean paste, which are the carefully selected Chinese herbs for the effect.

How it works:

The lavender oil provides the main scent for this incense, and after lighting up the incense, the scent would reach the brain directly from the nasal passages, promoting a faster relaxation. And if you leave the incense in a corner of the room, you will feel calm, while looking at the thin lines of smoke rising up.

The Ingredients are "Sansoninto", "Bukuryo", "Chimo", and "Glycyrrhiza" mixed powder, in the ratio of Sansoninto (a type of traditional Chinese herbal medicine). As the incense is made with all natural herbal ingredients, it will even be an effective Chinese herbal medicine if you infuse it and drink it, but this product is formulated and designed to enjoy the depth of its aroma.

Contents: 20sticks
Incense length: Approximately 6.5 cm
Burning time: Approximately 15 minutes
Bin: Φdiameter 1.8 cm, H10 cm

YOU YOU ANG's incense is all made in Japan with the concept of "Wabi","Sabi" and "Iki" that only Japanese culture has. They selected traditional Japanese paper, Japanese flowers, trees, and various signature fragrant wood in Japan for the making of their incenses, and they value a lot also the detailed texture of the incense, created from the effort and the taste of the design team.