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YOU YOU ANG Herbal Incense for Diet Treatment

€9,00 EUR

You You Ang's Incense with a prescription of Chinese herbs tailored to various symptoms.

Normally, Chinese medicine is also used when making incense, but this "Kampo incense" contains 10 times more Chinese medicine than usual.

The scent is made from natural oil, and in addition to the deep scent of Chinese medicine, you can expect an aromatherapy effect.

- Diet Treatment -
Contains sandalwood oil (sandalwood), which is said to bring happiness, and Chinese herbal medicine, licorice and rhubarb. 
Exotic and graceful scent.

The ingredient of Chinese medicine is "Ougon" in the ratio of Bofutsushosan.
Contains powder of "Rhubarb", "Touki", and "Glycyrrhiza".

The upper scent is sandalwood with aroma oil.

It is said to calm the mind and suppress binge eating.
Since it is an incense that enjoys the scent, it cannot be said that it can be scientifically proved, but why not reduce the excess from your heart?

Contents: 20sticks
Incense length: Approximately 6.5 cm
Burning time: about 15 minutes
Bottle: Φ1.8 cm, H10 cm

YOU YOU ANG's incense is all made in Japan with the concept of "Wabi","Sabi" and "Iki" that only Japanese culture has. They selected traditional Japanese paper, Japanese flowers, trees, and various signature fragrant wood in Japan for the making of their incenses, and they value a lot also the detailed texture of the incense, created from the effort and the taste of the design team.