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YOU YOU ANG Glass Tube Incense "Agarwood 沈香"

€9,00 EUR

It is a naturally derived incense made from natural wood powder and crystal powder, without any additional synthetic fragrances or colorings.

This special gift packing carries a natural fragrance from the incense inside the bottle, which will be ideal for gifting to loved ones !

Since ancient times, crystals have been said to have the meaning of purification, good luck, and fulfillment of desires. And by mixing the crystal (5%) that purifies everything into the incense, you can use it with a cleaner feeling.

Since artificial materials are omitted, an certain amount of smoke will be created, after lighting up the incense.

This is an incense stick for purification, made from agarwood, Indonesian natural oil, and 5% crystal powder.

Contents: 20 sticks
Incense length: Approximately 7cm
Burning time: about 15 minutes
Bottle: Φ18 H97mm

YOU YOU ANG's incense is all made in Japan with the concept of "Wabi","Sabi" and "Iki" that only Japanese culture has. They selected traditional Japanese paper, Japanese flowers, trees, and various signature fragrant wood in Japan for the making of their incenses, and they value a lot also the detailed texture of the incense, created from the effort and the taste of the design team.