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Whisky Kirin Fuji Sanroku 70cl Alc. 50%

€50,00 EUR

This Blended Whiskey is produced from five different batches chosen by the Master Blender Jota Tanaka: two single malt distilled in ironing stills and three grain whiskeys distilled in different stills (Kettle, Doubler, and columns) thus giving great variety of aromas.

Aging is then carried out in small American white oak barrels with a capacity of 180 liters, promoting exchanges with the wood. It is unfiltered cold and bottled at 50 ° for more depth and complexity.

Volume: 70cl
Alcohol : 50%

Smell: fruity, cereals, vanilla.

Taste: toasted, pear, quince

Finishing: long, malty, cocoa.