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TRINUS Flower Pencils ( Box of 5 )

€25,00 EUR

Flower pencils have traditional “flower shapes” and “flower colors” that are representative of Japan, and the shavings become petals to make your heart fun.

The shaft part around the core uses a new environmentally friendly material made from waste paper to achieve both a unique soft color and ease of shaving. Chips can be disposed of as combustible waste as usual.

The pencil core uses a high-quality Japanese color core, so you can enjoy writing comfortably.

The flower pencil expresses the shape of a typical Japanese flower in its cross section: Cherry blossoms, red plums, dandelions, tokiwa and bellflowers.

In addition to its cuteness, it also has functionality that is easy to hold and non-slip due to its shape.

Matrerial: Axis: MAPKA (51% waste paper, 49% PP) Color core: Pigment, wax

Package size: Length 180mm x Width 32mm

Pencil sharpener: Body / ABS resin, Blade / SK2 blade steel, Screw / Nickel alloy

The shaft material is a little stiffer than normal pencils. To connect the shavings, push the pencil into the sharpener and sharpen it.