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TIME & STYLE Kutsuwa Bon Flower Tray

€145,00 EUR

This Bon Tray series comes in 5 styles: Rinka, Ryoka, Mokko, Kutsuwa and Hakkaku, and which are named after the shape of their rims.

The wooden trays were usually made in the shape of rectangular in the old times in Japan, were here revisited by the skilled craftsman, using beautiful and elegant curved forms.

This tray that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a tray for serving your tea kit and dishes, or a beautiful place mat for the holding and placing of your other tablewares at home.

  • Dimentions: φ320×H12
  • Material: castor aralia wood
  • Ref: TSMK00411

    Place of origin : Ishikawa, Japan