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TIME & STYLE Kaoru Stone Tea Pot

€120,00 EUR

Kaoru teapot is made with a particular type of soil rich with iron particles. Tokoname ware from Aichi prefecture, which has a beautiful glossy jet black. In honor of the traditional country of tea, we have finished it in an elegant form that is similar to the teapot of Chinese tea and black tea. It features the ease of use that is the ultimate in Japanese ceramics technology, such as the airtightness of the lid and the sharpness of the spout.The pot is fired in the kiln without a glaze. This way the iron particles in the clay react with the tannin of the tea to create a lovely mellow taste. Because the strainer inside the pot is made from the same material, the original taste of the tea does not get affected, as it would have with a metal strainer. With its sharp edges and matte black surface, our ceramic Kaoru teapot offers a different aestethic from our porcelain range.

The handle is specially designed with a small tip coming out to rest your finger on for steadiness when pouring tea.

It is a tea set with such a feeling that we will re-propose the tea inherited from the world in a unique Japanese style. In 2008, it was released in France in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Japan-France diplomatic relations and gained popularity.

Designer: Osamu Saruyama

  • Material: Porcelain
  • Size : φ120×177×H70

Place of Origin: Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture, Japan