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TIME & STYLE Black Medium Iwami Bowl With Lid

€53,00 EUR

Iwami ware is the name for the ceramics that has been made since the Edo period in the Iwami region centering around Gotsu, Shimane. It is comprised mainly of items for daily use, such as water jars, mortars and large storage vessels. The Iwami region is surrounded by rich nature and blessed with hard, fine-grained ceramic clay. Since this clay is solid and highly resistant to acid, salt, and water, Iwami ware has become famous for storage vessels, such as jars for pickles. In particular, large round jars called "Hando" spread the name of Iwami ware throughout Japan. Traditional Iwami ware has disappeared gradually over time, however, there are skilled and passionate artisans who have continued making firm ceramics for daily use. Authentic and beautiful Iwami ware has been passed down and it is still made with the conventional method in the Iwami region.

Black medium Iwami Bowl with lid. Ideal as a dish, for soup or fruits salad thanks to its glaze.

Ceramic artist: Shimada Takayuki 

  • Size: φ130×H70
  • Material: Ceramic

Place of Origin: Iwami, Japan