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TIME & STYLE Iga Small Tea Cup

€32,00 EUR

IGA small bowl

The Iga series uses a wonderfully rough soil as a base, incorporating the natural roughness into a delicate design. Because the soil in Iga is very porous, the clay is fired in the kiln at a very high temperature, slightly cracking the transparent glaze. Therefore, the more the you use the bowl, the more the natural colors of the food seep into the small cracks, creating a playful effect. In Japan they call this: ‘the ageing of the bowl’. It is one of the many creative techniques special to Japanese pottery

A vessel incorporating fine details upon a rough clay unique to Iga ware. The more you use it the deeper the colors of the surface cracks become, increasing its charm. The expression changing over time is referred to as "raising the dish", and is also part of the enjoyment of Japanese ceramics.

  • Dimensions: φ90×H56
  • Material: ceramic

Place of origin: Japan