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MATSUNOYA Tawashi Brush

€19,00 EUR

Traditional Japanese brushes for cleaning vegetables everything from wood to pots. We usually keep two, one for vegetables because most of the nutrition is in the peel. So with a quick scrub you can keep the nutrition, the Tawashi removes the dirt for most root vegetables like carrots, beetroot, potato, etc.

The other one I keep is for washing pots and pretty much everything.

Tawashi is traditionally made from palm leaves but recently designers have been making different designs and materials. At our store we only use plant based traditional Tawashi.

Existing styles available are: X-small, Small, Medium, Large, Knoted, Round, etc. Body and even some for pet grooming!

To clean your Tawashi, I just pour boiling water over it. We usually wash our tawashi and wooden cutting boards together by simply pouring boiling water to disinfect without chemicals. A tawashi usually keeps for around 1 year with proper care. Most people who try them once, cannot imagine a kitchen without them. We currently have tawashi from a few different brands.

  • Hemp Palm
  • It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and is light and solid.
  • Size: 110x 80x 45mm

Made in Wakayama, Japan