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€12,00 EUR

This is a carefully made round soap, and with whcih a great effort has been input by the brand team, during the final creation of this premium natural plant based soap series !

This soap is made from entirely plant based materail, from palm oil and palm pit oil. And thanks to its round shape, it could be easily rolled aroud in your hand and gives you a pleasant feeling. This soap is also excellent at moisturizing, cleaning and lathering during bath. It is well considered and designed to have a stable form, and does not oxidize easily.

This soap series is made to give your skin an extra gentle care, and thus could be used for washing your body and also your face.

With the extravagant original perfume blend from this soap series, you would be surrounded with lovely and natural aroma from the originally used plant, while going out. During bath, and when you start rolling this soap in your hands, your bathroom will be also filled with this lovely and natural fragrance !

Composition: RSPO mixed natural oils
Place of origin: Tokyo, Japan

Note: Price indicated is for one soap.