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Takenoko Kemeno Kurabu Sake

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Takenoko Kemeno Kurabu Sake


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  • Floral and sweet. Soft, melon, dark chocolate
  • To be drunk chilled in a wine glass
  • Sake from Northern Kyoto
  • Oysters, Vegetarians, and pasta

Food and wine pairing : Meaty oyster, vegetable oyster leaf, pickled shallot and borage flower. Rabbit saddles with iodised juice, gnocchi with sautéed chanterelles.

The house of Shuzo Takeno was built by four Sakakura associations which were closed in 1947. In 2000, local historian Yukio Ashida brought various types of rice to the Takeno Shuzo family Kame no Ou sake. Since this rice was planted, Shuzo Takeno has been able to rediscover the importance of rice selection in sake production. " Kuramai Kame no O where he won the highest distinction in the sake competition.

This sake is remarkably fresh. The first nose is a wonderful illustration of the airy, fruity (raspberry) and floral (lily) style of modern sakes. With aeration, it becomes more and more herbaceous (chamomile). Both lively and unctuous, the attack in the mouth is marked by notes of white flowers (jasmine, lily of the valley) and spices (pepper). The mid-palate and the finish are intimately linked and reveal the same exotic vanilla flavour (coconut milk).

72CL 14%

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