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STALOGY Editors' Series 365 Notebook - B5 Black

€37,50 EUR

The simple, high-freedom design of the 365 Days notebook is intact, with the number of pages set to 192 pages, and the semi-annual note which became light and thin, joined the line-up. 

It is easy to use 2 books, it is a note that you want to take anywhere, such as office, cafe, traveling destination.

The minimal details (dates, days of the week, grids and numbers indicating times) of this simple-styled notebook make it possible to use as a journal, day planner or sketchbook. The pages are suitable for various users who each spend 365 days in This is not easy to carry. This notebook is designed specifically for editors who use notebooks for various purposes, such as jotting Down ideas, recording notes while covering stories, and organizing or laying out ongoing schedules.

Three sizes available, sold separately: A6/B6/B5

  • Country of origin: Japan