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SLIM CERA Anti-aging Roller Classic

€190,00 EUR

Made from ceramic material. Its properties are unalterable, and it doesn’t need to be replaced !

Renew and rejuvenate your skin with minerals found in bedrock bathing! The roller head includes tourmaline, quartz, and approximately ten different minerals, which will stimulate and leave your skin feeling smoother and more vibrant, after each usage.

  • Material: 99,999% Pure Germanium
  • Size: 220*76*40mm
  • Made in Japan

    How to use: 

    • Roll three minutes each time, three times daily.
    • Use even in the shower or bath.
    • Effective after washing your face as well as before applying facial creams
    • A gentle rolling motion is all that is required.
    • A gentle and pleasant roll is all that’s needed.

      This model has 5 Undulating rollers:

      The rollers of the head on each end roll have a slightly more powerful effect due to the magnetic ceramic material used. This applies the proper amount of pressure onto the skin, and to effectively stimulate ‘beauty points’ and facial muscles.


      Results will vary. The condition of your skin after using the Slim Cera will last for a couple of hours. Continuous use of the Slim Cera will rejuvenate and stimulate your face leading to more beautiful skin.