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SIWA Washable Paper Mask Black

€18,00 EUR


Gentle on the mouth. A mask made from new Japanese paper that is both comfortable and durable.

Gentle mouthfeel. A silky feel. The comfort and softness of Japanese paper are utilized. The body weighs only 4.7 grams. And it is gentle on the skin and easy to breathe.

Washi Naoron has the characteristic that it does not tear even when it gets wet, so you can wash it and keep it clean at all times. It dries quickly and can be used repeatedly. The inside of the main body is equipped with an inner so that you can use it by inserting a filter pad etc. 

A curve guide is included so that you can cut the product under your eyes and on your cheeks when the mask feels big on your face. The ear rubber is made of nylon polyurethane, which is gentle on the ears.

M size: H135 x W78mm

L size: H157 x W89mm

Weight: 3.8 grams (M size) 4.7 grams (L size)Weight: 3.8 grams (M size) 4.7 grams (L size)

Accessories: 1 inner included

Material: Soft Naoron (main body) Nylon polyurethane (ear rubber)

Country of origin: Made in Japan

How to wash in water:

Care instructions

  • Gently wash by hand, and wash as if you were stroking.
  • After washing, do not squeeze it, but dry it as it is, or put a towel to remove moisture and let it air dry.
  • Detergents and bleaches can also be used.
  • Do not use an iron, dryer or tumble dryer. Do not touch anything hot.