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SIWA Square Shoulder Bag

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A bag to carry various things, both for work and in your private life. A bag of just the right size and appearance. Among SIWA's bags, the basic model that was designed first and has been made for a long time is "SIWA Square M". This "SIWA Bag Square Shoulder" is a popular model that can be worn on the shoulder in response to requests. A durable and textured bag with the characteristics of new Japanese paper, Naoron. 

It is easy to use, very light, and has a nice touch of Japanese paper. It's the perfect bag to carry with you what you want to keep on your side. The height of the bag is 34.5 cm. Large enough to hold A4 files for work. The gusset is foldable and can be expanded up to 11 cm. When folded, it becomes a very slim bag. And it weighs only 140 grams and is a surprisingly light bag.

In addition, the length of the handle has been adjusted so that it can be hung on the shoulder, so your hands will not be blocked when your luggage becomes heavy, whether it's when you walk or when you use transportation. It is also equipped with an inner pocket that other "square bags" did not have, so you can store your wallet, smartphone, etc.

It is gentle to the touch, durable, and resistant to water. That is the feature of the "SIWA bag" made of new Japanese paper, Naoron. It is a bag that can be useful in your daily life, with a load capacity of 5 kilograms, which makes it easy to carry heavy items even when it rains. 

Each piece is completed by a craftsman sewing with a sewing machine. The strength is increased by the structure where the seams are inconspicuous and the double structure of the bag stitch. For walks, shopping, and work. It suits various clothes and fashions, and the texture will become even better as you use it.

  • Storage: Inner pocket x 1
  • Dimensions: H34.5 × W32 × D11 (cm)
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Material: Hard Naoron
  • Place of origin: Japan - Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Prefecture

Features of SIWA bags:

  • Heavy items can be placed inside.
  • Even wet items such as umbrellas can be put inside without fear of it tearing.
  • Please note that leaving wet items inside for long periods of time may result in changes in the colour of the product.

Care Instructions:

  • Pull into shape before use.
  • Please note that dark colours may fade or run.
  • Do not wash.
  • Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth.
  • Do not iron.
  • Please ensure that the item does not come into contact with hot items.
  • Colours may change in the event that the product comes into contact with wet items.

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