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SIWA Shoulder Bag

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A compact and easy-to-use shoulder bag.

The width of the opening is 25 cm. It's easy to open and store items that are opened wide so you can quickly find what you need. The opening has a zipper, and you can use it even if you open it by dropping the lid of the opening inside. Keep the zipper closed when it is raining or moving on a bicycle. Furthermore, it is equipped with a pocket inside to store wallets and smartphones classified.

It weighs only 120 grams and is a nice specification for those who want to make their luggage as light as possible.

Soft Naoron is a mix of wood pulp and polyolefin made into paper using paper-making method similar to traditional washi making. It is soft and has the texture of a paper while its durability and water-resistant nature makes it a wonderful material for bags and pouches.

  • Dimensions: H190 × W250 × D90 mm
  • Load capacity 10 kg
  • Material: Soft Naoron
  • Place of origin: Japan - Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Prefecture

Features of SIWA bags:

Heavy items can be placed inside.

Has been tested for loads of up to 10kg. Testing conducted by QTEC Household Goods Testing Center. Changes may occur to load capability depending on how the product is used and with time.

Even wet items such as umbrellas can be put inside without fear of it tearing.

Please note that leaving wet items inside for long periods of time may result in changes in the color of the product.

Care Instructions:

Pull into shape before use. Please note that dark colors may fade or run. Do not wash. Clean with a well wrung out, damp cloth. Do not iron. Please ensure that the item does not come into contact with hot items. Colors may change in the event that the product comes into contact with wet items.