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SIWA Tote Bag (S/M)

€80,00 EUR


The perfect size as a work sub-bag, a tote bag with a storage capacity more than a small appearance. The easy-to-carry handle allows you to carry it on your shoulder when your luggage is heavy. This handle is stretched from the bottom and sewn properly to the main body to ensure firm durability.

Soft Naoron is a mix of wood pulp and polyolefin made into paper using paper-making method similar to traditional washi making. It is soft and has the texture of a paper while its durability and water-resistant nature makes it a wonderful material for bags and pouches.


  • Small: H270× W270 × D150 mm

  • Medium: H324 × W324 × D180 mm 


  • Color: Black & Blue

  • Material: Soft Naoron

  • Place of origin: Japan - Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Prefecture