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SHOTOKU Pair of 2 Usuhari Tumbler 250ml (with wooden box)

€89,00 EUR

These remarkable thin drinking glasses called "Usuhari" are each carefully hand crafted by master craftsmen. They are born from the same techniques as making light bulbs.

The feel of it in your hands, the sound the ice makes when it swirls in the cup and how fine the rim is are all exquisite and unique to this glass alone.
This series appears to be extremely delicate but it can be handled with the usual care as other glassware. So experience and enjoy this fine and exquisite glass for yourself.

How to use
- A neutral detergent is recommended to be used before using first time and after. A sponge with abrading agent, metallic scrubbing brush or cleanser may cause a damage to glass.
- Washing inside of a glass by force or twisting is dangerous. It is recommended to use the sponge with a handle.
- An abrupt change in temperature may cause a break of glass. Don't pour a hot beverage into a glass, and Don't pour a cold beverage while the glass is hot and Don't put the hot glass on a wet place.
- Scratches or collisions may be weaken the glass. Please keep away from cutlery or hard objects.
- Do not stack each glasses it may cause a damage and it may fix each other. Do not stack except stackable items.
- Please note, Semi-crystal is, "Not a heat-resistant glass", "Not a tempered glass."
- They're all hand-made, therefore, the shape will be differed one by one, or some small bubbles may be contained. Please be aware that it has nothing to do with a quality.

Size: φ6.5 x H11.6 cm
Volume: 250ml