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A delicious high quality ramen from Japan !

Volume: 290g / for 2 persons
Content: Noodles 100g x 2 / soup 45g x 2

How to Brew:

Easy to cook in one pan in 2 minutes !

Put the noodels in boiling 500cc hot water and boil for about 2 minutes, and then add the soup directly into the pan. The soup is lighted salted and has the flavor of lemons grown in "The Seto Inland Sea" region in Japan.


<Noodles> Flour, eggs, starch, powdered wheat protein, reduced sugar syrup, salt, vegetable oil, brine, alcohol, gardenia pigment, (contains wheat, eggs as part of the ingredients)

<Soup> Protein hydrolysate, salt, chicken extract, canola oil, chicken fat, lemon juice, sugar, bonito extract, spice, seaweed extract, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), alcohol, processed starch, flavors, acidulant, (contains soy beans, chicken, gelatin as part of the ingredients)