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SAYAMA Single Origine Tea Gokoh

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"Gokou" is an old variety developed in 1953 at Kyoto.
It is mainly used for gyokuro and matcha, but Onishien makes it into Sencha Single Origine Tea. It has a strong umami flavor and is characterized by a fresh scent like young leaves.

It's perfect when you want to take a break or after a meal.

Onishien is a traditional tea plantation that has been in business for 250 years since the Edo period. Takeshi Nakajima, the owner of Onishien, is a young master of hand-kneaded tea and is a representative maker of Sayama tea, which has received the title of No. 1 in Japan many times.


In the Sayama tea area (Saitama prefecture), Single Origin Tea (single variety of a specific farm) is cultivated in various ways.
"Single Origin Tea" is attracting attention as a tea that has a clear producer and is not processed, and that allows you to enjoy the original individuality of tea leaves and enjoy a variety of aromas and tastes.

Put the tea leaves in a tea pot and brew them slowly in hot water at a slightly lower temperature of 70 ° C to 85 ° C. You can drink surprisingly delicious tea.
Also, even if you make cold tea with water, you can make delicious cold tea with this tea leaf.