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SAYAMA Tsuyu Hikari Sencha

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Tsuyu Hikari Single Origin Tea

“Tsuyu hikari”: This year is the first time the tea has been treated with withering (drying). Because of that, the scent of flowers is very strong. The green color of tea has become a little stronger. The aroma of the second tea pot is stronger than the first one, so you can enjoy many times of tea pots.

How to brew & store:
Put 10g of tea (2 tea spoons) in 430ml of 90°C water for 1 minute.

Contains: 100g

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (Both before and after opening). Best when consumed soon after opening. Otherwise put in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer.

Place of origin: Sayama, Saitama prefecture

Single Origin Tea:
Traditionally, Japanese green tea was put on the market after blending different species of tea leaves; the base of the blending was “Yabukita” species. Generally, “Yabukita” as the blending base occupied more than 70% of all the green tea on the market.

Recently, however, Japanese people became aware of the delicacy of “The Single Origin Tea”. We enjoy the unique pure taste of one tea species, as people do when they drink black tea or whiskey. On this trend, Agricultural Research Centers throughout Japan are now developing new tea species which are unique in their taste and flavor.