Junyonesu Rice Vinegar - 500ml-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
Edo syle Rice Vinegar - 500ml-Japan-Best.net-Kinsho Vinegar-Japan-Best.net
Edo syle Rice Vinegar - 500ml-Japan-Best.net-Junyonesu Vinegar-Japan-Best.net
Rice Vinegar Junyonesu-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
Rice Vinegar Junyonesu-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
Rice Vinegar Junyonesu-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net
Rice Vinegar Junyonesu-Japan-Best.net-Japan-Best.net

Edo Style Rice Vinegar

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Style:Junyonesu Vinegar
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Edo Style Rice Vinegar

Junyonesu Vinegar


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  • Japanese vinegar made from domestic rice vinegar and red vinegar
  • Use primarily for sushi & maki making but also for dressings, marinades, garnishes, and pickles
  • 500 mL

Junyonesu Rice Vinegar: Premium Junmai vinegar which uses 100% domestically Japan produced rice and is aged for a long time after static fermentation to give it a rich and delicious taste. Authentic rice vinegar used in many sushi restaurants and restaurants in Japan. Only domestically produced rice, with the Organic JAS standard label. A  luxuriously a a strong umami taste and a deep finish. Junyonesu has a mild and gentle taste and works perfectly with with Japanese rice.

Kinsho Rice Vinegar: The base vinegar is a mildly acidic rice vinegar mixed with flavourful sake yeast vinegar (red vinegar) made from aged sake yeast. Hakko salt, which has a mild salty flavour is also used. The low sugar content gives it a powerful aroma and aromatic, clean flavour that pairs well with seafood sushi such as edomae-zushi, chirashi-zushi, and temaki-zushi.

Yokoi's vinegar is well known for its unique, subtle scent and is used by 23 of Japan’s 29 Michelin Star-carrying sushi restaurants. Established in 1937, Yokoi is now the last remaining vinegar manufacturer in Tokyo. 

Volume: 500ml

Remarks: Due to custom restrictions on food related items, this product is currently unavailable for clients living in United States and Russia.