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RAMUNE Non alcoholic soda 200ml

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Non-Alcoholic drink from the 1880s.

Ramune is a lemon flavored soft drink, that has also given the soft drink its name. “Lemon” was Japanized into “remon” and is now known as “ramune” or ラムネ in katakana. The peculiar bottle is also an English concept, the codd-neck bottle, was first introduced by British soft drink maker Hiram Codd in 1872. Inside the bottle, a marble seals the soft drink, until the marble is pushed down to the bottle neck. This bottle type was commonly used for carbonated drinks in the United Kingdom, but today it’s a rare sight, unless you are holding a bottle of ramune in your hands.

Ramune has become a symbol of Japanese culture, through its popularity in pop culture, especially being featured in anime and manga. It is most popular in the summer, but you will be able to find ramune all year round in Japan. Due to its popularity, other ramune flavored snacks and drinks are sold in Japanese supermarkets, elevating the soft drink’s importance in Japan.

What confuses most people in their first encounter with a ramune bottle, is how on earth the bottle should be opened. When removing the plastic cap, you’ll discover that a glass marble is attached to the tip of the bottle neck. Various tutorials are available online for those looking for them, they will often easily explain how the bottle should be opened. When buying a bottle, you will also notice that detailed instructions on how to open it are provided. Due to a lot people overlooking this, the bottled drink has become infamous for being impossible to open, or being a waste of time.

But once you have learned how to open it, you can easily enjoy the contents of the bottle. The secret is to not misplace any of the plastics that comes with the bottle, as you will need a specific piece of plastic attached to the lid, to open it. Once you have identified this, you will use this to push down the marble into the bottle neck, and open the bottle to have access to its contents.