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Chushin Kobo Iron Kettles

PRE-ORDERS / Iron Tea Kettle Itome Small 1.1L

€410,00 EUR

Condition PRE-ORDERS:

1) Lead time for this craft lantern model:

  • 30 days starting from the date of the order confirmation

2) Optional payment method / Paypal ONLY

  • Customer could choose to confirm the order by email to:
  • 50% deposit payment at order confirmation, balance before shipping
Size: 170x190x150mm

Body: Cast Iron
Volume: 1.1 L
Electric Stove: applicable
Size Tanagokoro warmer S (cast iron): 110x110x60mm
Size Igeta warmer S (cast iron): 100x100x65mm

The bottom of this kettle is made into a flat shape, which can enhance the heat conductivity, ensuring the optimal bottom area for an electromagnetic cooker.

Finishing is done using the traditional technique used in iron kettle making in Japan, unglazed at 800 degrees, covered with an oxide film to prevent rust, and lacquered baking finish on the top, the a burnt finish of lacquer inside the pot. Hot water boiled with this type of iron kettle can effectively eliminate chlorine (kalky) in the tap water, making it a delicious mellow hot water.

In addition, since the inner layer iron is extracted into the hot water during the boiling, there is the merit that the iron necessary for the body can be naturally consumed daily.

The acompanied cast iron warmer can be selected to make a set, and which can keep the boiling water, in the pot, warm, and perfect for drinking anytime during the day.

As the hot water boiled with this kettle will carry a slight healthy iron element, it would blend nicely with Japanese tea, while reacting with the tannin element in the tea leaves, resulted of an enjoyable and tasty tea for you !

Place of Origin: Yamagata, Japan