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Chushin Kobo Iron Kettles

PRE-ORDERS / Iron Tea Kettle Hiratubo Small 0.7L

€575,00 EUR

Condition PRE-ORDERS:

1) Lead time for this craft lantern model:

  • 30 days starting from the date of the order confirmation

2) Optional payment method / Paypal ONLY

  • Customer could choose to confirm the order by email to:
  • 50% deposit payment at order confirmation, balance before shipping
Size: 140x175x150mm

Body: Cast Iron / Lid: Copper
Volume: 0.7L
Electric Stove: not applicable
Size Tanagokoro warmer S (cast iron): 110x110x60mm
Size Igeta warmer S (cast iron): 100x100x65mm

This iron kettle series is designed with a motif of an finely designed family crest from the ancient times. The scholar and military senior statesmen would create a design with characters and labels for the noble families, and then this design would be used as the house crest, the banner, or a horse seal for them.

The crests were originated from the coat of arms, and have over 4560 different designs now. Taking inspiration from these crests, the craftsmans team has designed series of 4 types of iron kettles, with motifs of a four-way quince, a shape with cutoff corners, a Japanese quince, and also a gourd shaped crest.

The handle has been given a bow-shaped design, which could well match the shape of the main body. The copper lid knob has a design combining chrysanthemum, pine tree, and a gourd, which harmonize nicely with the shape of the main body kettle.

The finishing is done at 800 degrees, unglazed and coated with oxide film. And then hand-painted with lacquer, through a Japanese traditional technique from long, long time ago.

To boil the tap water with this cast iron kettle could erase almost all chlorine from the water, so that the water would be mild and more tasty, and would have no smell after the boiling.

To use this kettle continously, would add a slight healthy iron element, everytime when cooking the the hot water, which is a merit for the user to take the daily required iron naturally for the body, through a simple water drinking. The cast iron kettle reacts well also with the tannin of tea, which is another untold secret for the making an enjoyable and delicious cup of tea !

A cast iron warmer can be selected to make a kettle set, and which can keep the boiling water in the pot, warm, and perfect for drinking anytime during the day.

Place of Origin: Yamagata, Japan