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PORTER Orange PS Camo Key Case Orange

€140,00 EUR

It is the "PS Camo" series that adopted the original camouflage pattern. We have created an authentic camouflage pattern by incorporating the right color orange color into the Woodland Pattern *, the most representative of the camouflage patterns. High-impact looks are recommended for coordinated accents.

It is a key case of a round fastener type. The interior is equipped with a 6-ring type key holder that fits the smart key of the car, etc., and a card pocket, making it a highly functional specification. The back has a familiar IC card pocket that expresses the porter logo by laser processing.

Woodland pattern: A handle developed for use in coniferous forests in 1981.


Nylon Twill

  • Ref: 384-17812
  • Size: W115/H90/D20