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PORTER Glaze Leather Wallet Wine

€525,00 EUR

"Walpie", a long-established tanner in the Tuscany region of Italy. "Buttero", which is a typical leather manufactured by Walpie, is embossed, and each piece is carefully hand-dyed and glazing by a craftsman to create a natural leather that is different from general embossed leather. Finished in leather with a nice impression. It has the natural and simple look of leather and the beauty of transparency, and the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes and you can enjoy the change over time. The fastener is an Excella fastener that features smooth opening and closing and luster.

The outer pocket is sized to hold an IC card, and the point of the design is the porter logo expressed by laser processing.
The bi-fold wallet is functionally designed to compactly store bills, coins, and multiple cards.

Size: 130 x 95 x 35 mm / 180g