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PORTER Foil Leather Wallet Silver

€300,00 EUR

This is a series of small items made of Italian leather that has a unique look by pasting silver and gold foils on thick shoulder leather and then scraping the surface one by one with a file.

Using tanned leather carefully tanned in Tuscany, Italy, which has been tanning using only plant tannins for many years. It features a tight and chewy texture, and is finished with a unique texture that is different from general dyed leather by pasting silver and gold foil.

The shoulder leather has a characteristic unevenness along the spine called a tiger, and when the foil pasted on the surface is filed, the unevenness causes a difference in the rubbing method, resulting in uneven finish, and each piece has an expression. It is attractive that it is different. You can enjoy the secular change that the foil gradually peels off and the gloss increases as you use it.

In order to enjoy the contrast between foil and leather, the exterior is carefully polished with a notch and then finished with a top coat, and the interior is luxuriously tailored with only leather without using lining.

Please note that there are individual differences in how the foil is scraped and peeled off, as it is characterized by uneven scraping of the foil. In addition, discoloration and fading due to getting wet (rain, sweat, etc.) and sunburn are unavoidable, so be careful when using in summer or rainy weather, or when wearing light-colored clothing.

Material: Surface: Cow shoulder leather (Italian imported leather, tannin tanning, foil processing)
Size: W100/H110/D30mm / 100g