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PORTER Backpack Large Gold "Special Edition"

€600,00 EUR

The shape of this bag is similar to those of the "Tanker" series. However this Gold is a very limited, special edition.

Since being introduced in 1983, PORTER's synonymous "TANKER" series uses an original fabric developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket "MA-1". The three-layer fabric of nylon twill (front) + polyester cotton (intermediate layer) + nylon taffeta (back) is very light, and the soft feel of the bonding material and the bright rescue orange on the back are attractive. In every process from cutting to sewing and parts, we express thorough commitment.

Aluminum fasteners and snap buttons that were rare at that time, such as fittings such as Nasukan, are designed to peel off the paint so that the secular change may appear as they are used.

While following the specifications of TANKER at the time announced in 1983, we added an update to every detail.

The metal fastener puller is manufactured by a press method, and changes have been made to the interior fastener puller colour and the specification of the vinyl pocket. Also, the original drawstring made by Porter comes with all 50 series.


  • outside: 2
  • inside: 4

Nylon twill, high–density nylon, cotton

  • Ref: 622-26639
  • W36cm H50cm D18cm

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