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NODA MISO Additive-free Hatcho Miso Paste

€18,00 EUR

Miso that allows you to feel the original taste, color, and aroma of fermented miso without adding extra ingredients.
This is a raw type of soybean Hatcho miso that has not been heat-treated after being dug out of a wooden barrel so that you can enjoy the original scent.

* Uses non-genetically modified North American soybeans grown under contract.

Ingredients: Soybeans (not genetically modified), salt

Noda Miso is a manufacturer of naturally fermented soybean miso, dedicated to the promotion of Japanese food culture through the practice of the traditional fermentation method using wooden barrels. For more than 80 years, the company has been known as Kuramoto Masuzuka Miso after the name of the area from which it originated.Since its establishment, Noda Miso has advanced hand-in-hand with local soybean agriculture in the Aichi region.