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€170,00 EUR


A vase of Sugi with a beautiful dignified grain.

A product that sheds new light on the forest that has been abandoned due to unprofitability. Sugi from the local area, Hida Takayama(Gifu Prefecture), is used.

S size: Φ 90mm x H 230mm: Weight about 450g
M size: Φ 90mm x H 290mm: Weight about 550g

Tree species: Cedar(from Hida)
Painting: Water-based acrylic painting
* Includes a glass tube for a jug (Φ 24 mm x length 200 mm: capacity 56 mL).
* There are individual differences in grain expression and weight.


Nocutare is a woodworking workshop in Hida Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, which creates the skills and soul of Hida's craftsmen in a new form.