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NOCTARE Hida no Oto Wood Headphone

€315,00 EUR

By setting the genuine Apple earphones that came with the iPhone to the headphone body,

These wooden headphones provide surprisingly pure sound quality without the need for a power supply.
When you listen with your eyes closed, you will feel as if you are in a concert hall.
The echo of the tree is transmitted as a pleasant sound.

Conventional headphones use a mechanical device called a driver unit as the sound source.
Hidanooto has a mechanism to reverberate the sound of earphones in the ear cup.

There are various types of wood materials. Some are hard and some are soft. Hidanooto is made by combining two types of trees, "maple" and "hinoki".

The central part of the three-layer structure uses "maple", which has good sound reverberation and is also used for musical instruments, and the part that touches the ears and the part that touches the outside hands uses "hinoki", which has a soft and gentle texture.

Size: L145 x W195 x T60 (mm)
Tree species: Maple & Hinoki (from Hida)
Painting: Resin impregnated painting

* Earphones are not included