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NIKKA Whisky Coffey Grain

€55,00 EUR

A tasty grain whiskey made with a "cafe-type continuous still", which is rare in the world. Compared to general grain whiskey, the sweetness derived from the ingredients remains firmly because it is a cafe type. The mellow finish of Nikka's blended whiskey can be attributed to the subtle sweetness of this "Cafe Grain".

The "continuous distiller", which is currently the mainstream, can improve the degree of alcohol refining, but it also removes flavor components. On the other hand, the aroma and ingredients derived from the raw materials remain firmly in the distillate of the "cafe type continuous distiller", which is old and has inferior distillation efficiency. When it is aged and then blended with malt, it brings out the individuality of the malt after storage and creates a new aroma and taste.

Tasting notes

Aroma: Woody vanilla scent, cookie-like scent. A sweet scent of custard cream, chocolate and sugar. A light and fragrant fragrance unique to Cafe Grain.

Tast: Clean and light texture, vanilla with woody, honey-like sweet taste. It disappears cleanly with a light body feeling.

Alcohol: 45%