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NEKO SAKE brewed in Hokkaido!

The key elements of good sake production are all here- pure water, clean air, high quality rice and the frozen cold weather.
In this northern island Hokkaido kept in ice and snow more than half a year where the vast and harsh nature dictates human activities.

use the snowmelt water to brew .
That snow was on top of the highest mountain of Hokkaido about 100 years ago.

NEKO SAKE simplified the idea of Japanese sake.
It is a very light sake. Easy to drink. Ultra fresh. Nothing more nothing less.

We don’t talk about the technicality of Japanese sake.
Just make sure to drink it icy cold and enjoy. *

*Suitable for days when you fancy cold lager or crisp white wine.

Cup sake designed by Sori Yanagi is convenient when you want to drink a little. You can drink it as it is without needing a glass.

180ml / Length 17.6 x Width 6.1 x Height 10.9 (cm)