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NAWRAP Tea Towel Anti-odor R.I.B. Moss Green

€14,00 EUR

The R.I.B. Tea towel is infused with binchotan charcoal. Bonchotan is the highest grade of charcoal,and is prized for its natural purification properties. The infused binchotan works to naturally absorb odor and bacteria that would typically accumulate within a towel after each usage.

One side of this product features a dyed color, and the other side remains as natural binchotan gray.

Size: 35x70 cm
82% Rayon, 18% Cotton
Made in Japan

Product Key Features:
  1. Great capacity of water absorption
  2. Become extremely soft after washing/removal of coating
  3. Anti-bacterial and anti bad smell for Binchotan and Persimmon versions
  4. Much more long-lasting, Nawrap towels are much stronger than normal one layer weaved towel
  5. Great breathability, thus much quicker to dry

      Instructions for washing

      • Washing machine safe, with a recommended washing temperature 40 degrees and below, but allows up to 60 degrees maximum
      • After washing, please allow the towel to dry naturally, dryer is not recommended
      • After drying, please iron the towel to make it softer before usage