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Natural Washable Anti-virus Masks S

€25,00 EUR

Mallow Black
Blue Berry

This series of masks has 3 layers structure, while the outside and the inner face layer are made from botanically dyed organic cotton, and the center layer is made from the anti-virus effect fabric.

The anti-virus layer is developed by Sikibo, which is supplying masks, medical uniforms, and other medical related accessories to hospitals in Japan, since more than 10 years.

- Composition: organic cotton
- Colors: naturally dyed with blueberry
- Virus filtration level: 99 %
- Product feature: washable up to 50 times
- Made in Japan
- Sizes: S / about 15 x 12cm


1) Filtration level remains same as 99 %, even after washing 50 times
2) The virus H1N1 was used to run the test in Japan, with this mask model

  • this mask is expected to be washed after wearing of 1 day
  • this mask can be washed up to 50 times, while still keeping the same 99% filtration level, as when they are brand new.

      Washing Instructions

      There are some common ways to wash this mask, and we have listed in below, some of the most popular ones:

      • Wash with soap at night after one day’s wear, and best to be washed with warm/hot water
      • If you would encounter many people during the day, it is recommended to wash the mask with boiled water or hot water with at least 60 degrees. You could simply sink the mask in the hot water for around 10 to 15 minutes, to ensure the kill of all virus
      • If you would like to wear the same mask every day, you could choose to iron (several times) the mask right after wash, not to make the mask flat, but to ensure that the mask could be fully dried over night !
        • With the heat of iron, it could also help killing the rest of other bacterial in the tissue

        Other notes:

        Although there is no sign on the mask for up & down, when you wear them, if you feel that your nose is too close to the inner layer while breathing, you could try to switch the up side down of the mask.