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NAKAGAWA Sesame Tsukemen -Dipping Ramen-

€10,00 EUR

A delicious high quality ramen from Japan !

Tsukemen is a style of noodles that you eat by dipping the noodles in soup.
It comes with a slightly spicy special sesame seed with plenty of rich sesame seeds, and you can enjoy it even more deliciously with your favorite vegetables and boiled eggs.

Volume: 290g / for 2 persons
Content: Noodles 100g x 2 / soup 45g x 2

How to prepare:

Easy to cook in one pan in 2 minutes !

Put the noodels in boiling 500cc hot water and boil for about 2 minutes, and then add the soup directly into the pan. 


[Noodles] Wheat flour (made in Japan), powdered wheat protein, reduced starch syrup, salt, vegetable oil / processed starch, kansui, sake spirit, kuchinashi pigment, (some include wheat and soybeans)

[Dare] Reduced starch syrup, paste sesame, fermented seasoning, soy sauce, brewed vinegar, miso, vegetable oil, oyster sauce, chili oil, sugar, protein hydrolyzate, salt, mackerel extract, spices / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Acidulant, (some include wheat, soy sauce, sesame, and mackerel)