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Mori Kougei

MORI KOUGEI Rectangle Rays Tray "White Ash"

€200,00 EUR

Raystray is made with unique pasting style in which the color of the wood pattern changes depending on the angle of the light.
Tsuki-ita, the wood veneer sheets, having one corner cut in an acute angle are pasted around from the center. When you hold the tray and tip it in a different angle, it seems as if rays of light are beaming out from the center. We call this design “Kosen-hari,” meaning pasting like the light-beams in Japanese.

Has an artistic look like a frame cut out from the “Kosen-hari” (a pasting style called the ray of light) design.
It also has become a good shape to use as a tray.

Tree species:White Ash 
Finishing:Urethane clear coating
Product design : graf

About handling of goods

  • An excessive impact causes damage, so please be careful.
  • When touching moisture, please keep after it's wiped up by dried cloth.
  • When it has been done in the state which is still wet with water, it's a stain and causes wooden breakage.
  • Please don't keep in the location with a lot of changes of the temperature and the humidity and the location exposed to the direct sunlight.

Each product is hand-made from natural materials. There may be a slight difference in the shape, color and wood grain patterns due to the inconsistencies of the materials. There may also be some scratch marks or unevenness.