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mocT Neon Script Loopwheel Pullover Sweater Bleached GR3 x Neon Yellow

€210,00 EUR


Neon stript is the brand new color series for our mocT Japanese sweatshirt collection. The Japan team has well researched, carefully tested, and finally created a perfect mix between their signature loopwheeled yarns, in order to provide more color combinations in their collection !

We use the old-fashioned knitting machine "loopwheel knitting machine" that was used to the mainstream machine found in Japan from the Taisho era to the period of high economic miracle. Most of the "vintage" items are made by this type of machine, and it is true that the texture and fabrics are so attractive that they are still on the market even after more than 60 years. When knitting the fabric using loopweeling machines, the fabric is knitted without applying extra force to the yarn, so it retains the "softness" and unique texture that you would feel when you wash it.

However, due to the inefficient production of fabrics, which can make only about 1 meter in an hour, most factories use the latest efficient high-speed knitting machines called "sinker knitting machines", for mass production. Furthermore, because it uses threads that have not been dyed at all, it can be changed to a softer texture by repeating wearing and washing, and you can enjoy the beautiful aging of our sweatshirts, made with the loopwheeling quality.

Style: Regular Fit
Ref: MJ2-0131 B3Y
Color: Bleached GR3 x Neon Yellow
Country of origin: Japan