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mocT Loopwheel Zip Parka Navy

€245,00 EUR


This special collection has adapted the Japanese traditional loop wheeling machines from 50's, for the making of all their fabrics. 

The traditional loop wheel machines could knit only one meter of yarn/fabric in an hour, which was 10 to 20 times slower, compared to the new generation machines. However, this much lower rotation speed allows the production team to have a full trace, on the entire spinning process, which greatly ensures a near-perfect quality control, during the manufacturing of these yarns. 

And more importantly, this structure naturally minimizes all the possible tensions from pulling, which are applied onto the thread while rotating, and it creates also a perfect environment for a full and smooth immersion of air into the cotton during the process. As a result, the extra warm and soft texture is attained for these yarns.

Style: Regular Fit
Color: Navy
Ref: JS140
Country of origin: Japan
Knitting Type: Loopwheel Fleece