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mocT Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee GR7

€75,00 EUR


Japan's highest quality product produced by Shinnaigai Cotton Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1887, and who has taken on the challenge of developing various threads.

Gray heather thread is a material with a very soft texture that is widely loved by luxury brands all over the world. The secret of the soft texture that cannot be reproduced by thread dyeing, fabric dyeing, and product dyeing is a process called cotton dyeing. By dyeing at the raw material stage, the soft texture of cotton could be maximized. Compared to thread dyeing, fabric dyeing, and product dyeing, the amount of dye used is also overwhelmingly small, making it an environmentally friendly material !

The heather gray fabric is known for the fact that dirt would be very inconspicuous. In addition, there is little yellowing (a phenomenon that turns yellow) due to sunburn and deterioration, and it can be worn for a long time. Aiming to optimize the balance between comfort and durability, we have adopted 30/1 class Tenjiku material which results of a greater durability for the final products. Since this tshirt model uses undyed threads, it can be changed to a softer texture by repeating wearing and washing, and you can also enjoy beautiful aging of this tshirt !

Style: Regular Fit
Ref: MJ1-0010
Color: GR7
Country of origin: Japan