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MINAMI HIDA Hinoki Wood Natural Speaker S for iPhone

€55,00 EUR

The Japanese cypress "Hinoki" has been used for a very long time in the construction of Shinto and Buddhist temples in Japan. It is a very high quality wood that is only found in Japan and Taiwan.

This speaker has been manufactured in laminated Hinoki. It gently amplifies sound, especially the frequencies of the human voice. This fits perfectly with the image of spirituality attached to this tree.

This product is made without adding paint or varnish to leave you the pleasure of feeling the quality of the wood to the touch, hearing and smell. Consequently, it happens that the wood works and reveals some cracks over time and that its color darkens. It is a natural evolution of the product. if desired, it can be maintained by varnishing or painting it.

Size: 105mm×105mm× 105mm